Benefits of Micro Mobility and Cycleways

Micro mobility

Cycling, whether that be with a traditional bike or an e-bike, have become increasingly popular especially in response to the pandemic.

Cycling offers a number of benefits, and as an active family we know firsthand how a properly designed cycle path can enhance your experience.

Discover below the benefits of the rise of micro mobility and cycleways.


Helps reduce air pollution
People are becoming more conscience about their impact on the environment and the effects of climate change. This has led to a significant popularity in cycling, specifically micro mobility.

When you cycle you are not burning any fossil fuel but relying on clean energy that creates zero pollution.

Smart cities are increasingly adopting greener modes of transport like e-bikes and e-scooters, contributing to the spread of micro mobility.


Improves mental health
Cycling combines physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new views. You can ride solo – giving you time to process worries or concerns, or you can ride with a group which broadens your social circle.

Less noise pollution
Heavy traffic registers at about 80 decibels, which is about the same as a loud restaurant. It’s recommended that people hear no more than 40 decibels of noise outside their bedroom.

While e-bikes and e-scooters make some noise, they are not as loud as cars or trucks. Rather than hearing honking horns all the time, there’s less noise and stress associated with them.


In addition, cycling is a great way to get around, saves time, money and allows you to take in your cities surrounding sites.

Learn more about our cycle path range and keep an eye out for our soon to be launched e-mobility smart range.