James Street Plaza

Work is complete on the upgrade of Hamilton’s James Street Plaza as part of an effort to deliver a vibrant, safe and active public space.

Glenfield park

Glenfield Park Play Space

We recently completed work with Campbell Town City Council and their expansion of the Glenfield Park play space.


We spend all of our free time exploring lakes, bushland and beaches. We know first-hand how a properly designed boardwalk can enhance the environment.

Cycle Paths

Cycling is becoming ever more popular, with many more members of the community choosing this way of transportation.

Macquarie Pier

After lots of anticipation the revitalisation to Macquarie Pier has been completed, when we were asked to collaborate for this project we jumped at the chance.

Newmarket Randwick

This Community development has been transformed into a modern space with landscape architects, we delivered a series of custom seating.

Arch Bin Solutions

Bin solutions for wheeled bins 120L and 240L. Open insert options for styles of bins.

Macquarie University Landscapes

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to showcase our custom seating knowledge and experience with Co-Ordinated Landscapes for Macquarie University.