Our extensive range of custom seating is designed and manufactured in Australia. The options are endless and we cater for large and small seating projects. Seats are a Street & Park popular favourite around the country. Many of our projects have seating involved and we have made some large custom seating that turns heads, along with smaller seating options to cater for the street & park elements in the community.

Our community seat range are designed to suit each community’s individual spaces, as we know that no two places are the same. We use a wide variety of materials that are long-lasting hence, putting less stress on the environment, by not needing maintenance or early replacement.

Custom designed seats create community presence for relaxation and leisure. We deliver all types of custom seats for outdoor spaces from locally sources materials.

Ask us about our Recycled Plastic Seat Range. It goes without saying how far recyclable materials have come in the last ten years, and with communities’ stance push and drive on renewable and sustainable materials has made this possible.

Seating Range:

We create a process of design, engineer and manufacture that will ease the build and create a consistent delivery. From Sketch to drawings to installation we’ll bring your vision to life and into the future.

Leading the way through innovation to build a sustainable future

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