Manufacture & Install

We are based in Newcastle “Steel City” and work alongside our suppliers and colleagues to construct and manufacture all products and structures in house with our seasoned team of welders, fabricators, builders, and Install crew.

Our team is passionate about their workmanship making the quality of the products exceeding the rest.

Taking the manufactured product and installing it is where our project managers shine. Creating and executing the project from start to finish giving the client an experience they will not forget. If you need a project to be delivered will ease you have found the right place with our project manager team being some of the best.

From small Fabrication to Large Structural Manufacturing we have you covered.


Newcastle Street Furniture provide high quality, innovative and custom designed Fabrication for all types of industries. Our Welders have the experince and knowledge for all steel fabrication results. With in-house capabilites for drafting, engineering and fabriation – your project can be design and produced in house to save time and costs.

Our team will take your project, no matter what size, and turn your vision into a structural component reality. With Quality and Innovation – with an old school approach we have you covered for all Welding and Fabrication Applications.

  • All Steel, Aluminium and stainless Fabrication
  • Welding, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Metal Processing
  • Detail Drafting & Engineering Drawings for Fabrication Projects
  • Metal Fabrication
  • On-Site Welding
  • Staircases
  • Balustrade
  • Tig Welding
  • Mig welding
  • Arc welding
  • Structural Steel
Manufacture & Install
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