Bin Solutions

Our extensive range of bin solutions are designed and manufactured in Australia. The options are endless, and we cater for large and small bin solution projects. Bin Solutions are a Street & Park necessity around the country. Many of our projects have Bin Solutions involved.

We like to think outside of the box when it comes to Bin design, we have some real head Turing bins coming in late 2021.
Our R & D team are busy implementing all the local supplier resources and designs to create a bin solution Australia has not seen before. We want to see some different bins around our parks and community.

Ask us about our Recycled Plastic Bin Solution Range. It goes without saying how far recyclable materials have come in the last ten years, and with communities’ stance push and drive on renewable and sustainable materials has made this possible.

Bin Solution Range:

  • Aluminium / Steel
  • Timber
  • Recycled Plastic
  • Sustainability (Fishing Waste Program) Range
  • Laser Cut Options & Designs
  • Precast Options
  • Galvanised
  • Powder Coated / 2K Painted
  • Sizes built to your site / specifications
  • Signage Options
  • Lighting Options
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