Timber Logs

Timber is one of the oldest building materials, its unique look and feel captures each society’s need for its individual taste. With environmental sustainability a top priority, NSF has stepped up to the challenge with their timber log range. Timber logs are used for a large variety of projects like Newcastle street furniture, Seating, Signage and foot bridges and boardwalks.

The timber logs are cut down into size by our expert team and then placed throughout the community.

How does NSF support sustainability? All timber are sourced through Australian companies that support the forest regeneration program, that will support trees being regrown for generations to come. Custom Made to order as these timbers can be of all shapes and sizes once located. Also using re-claimed timber for these projects.

Needing timber logs for your upcoming projects, look no further than Newcastle Street Furniture.

Timber Log Range:

  • Seating Range
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