Precast Concrete & Sandstone

With many companies using concrete as the modern day art form for their upcoming projects it’s only right to ask the question, what makes Newcastle street furniture products different on this particular line.

How is concrete created into an art form, only the most skilled and dedicated team are able to do this, the concrete is put into moulds and left to set, once out of the moulds sustainable sourced timber is used to finish the product.

Not only is concrete sustainable it is also a versatile product where inscriptions can be edged into the near finished product. See our concrete etching range.

NSF is the only company that focuses solely on the community and uses innovation as a way to design artworks suited to the individual needs, instead of being mass produced with no personality and substance.

NSF is the company to push through sustainability this is done through being partners in conservation with our sustainable programs. Using concrete as a main material for products is taking very little from the environment while giving lots back by long lasting and needing very little to no maintenance.

NSF will be using fishing line and tackle waste from the fishing bins installed throughout the community, once collected and processed by the eco warriors, these once considered waste materials will be processed and used in the concrete moulds.

Newcastle Street furniture is the company of the present and future, using their unique branding to push through the barriers to design and install excellence into the community.

Precast Concrete Range

  • Original Range
  • Timber Range
  • Recycled Plastic Timber Range
  • Sandblast Restoration
  • Etching / Engraving Range
  • Sustainability Eco Waste Range – Fishing line waste goes into these concrete moulds to minimise
    damage on the marine life and reducing waste going into landfill
  • Artwork Range
    Pin the city initiative that delivers artwork from street art turning any community area into a fun and innovative space to be associated with. High performance street prints and textured coatings. Street Strong are also on the mission much like us for their products to be sustainable, using colourant StreetBond that assists in decreasing the urban heat island effect by being UV reflective.
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