Australia is renowned for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. What better way to admire and celebrate this beauty by seeing it first hand on a custom designed boardwalk by Newcastle street furniture. We spend all of our free time exploring lakes, bush paths and beaches. We know first hand how a properly designed boardwalk can enhance the environment, creating more awareness to sustain the environment.

Connecting communities is our goal with every boardwalk range we build. As is signature with NSF, all designing, manufacturing, engineering and installation is completed in Australia.

Our community boardwalk range are designed to suit each community’s individual spaces, as we know that no two places are the same. We use a wide variety of materials that are long-lasting hence, putting less stress on the environment, by not needing maintenance or early replacement.
Boardwalks are built to sustain the toughest environments, focusing on low maintenance, environmental sustainability and protecting the coastal, country and marine environments. Focusing on minimising the stress on local habitats for each boardwalk project.

Each boardwalk will have an element of being environmentally sustainable. Our boardwalk range will follow and fit the high safety standards, as NSF is the company that designs not to a single pattern but to each individual’s vision. Sleek, durable and modern architectural design at its finest, always pushing the boundaries with excellence in boardwalk innovation.

Ask us about our Recycled Plastic Boardwalk Range. It goes without saying how far recyclable materials have come in the last ten years, and with communities’ stance push and drive on renewable and sustainable materials has made this possible.

Boardwalk Range:

  • Fibre Re-enforced Plastic
  • Aluminium / Steel
  • Timber
  • Recycled Plastic
  • Sustainability (Fishing Waste Program) Range

Leading the way through innovation to build a sustainable future

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