Sustainability: 100% Recyclable Products Campaign

SUSTAINABILITY: 100% Recyclable Products Campaign

Our vision for sustainability has progressively started this month as we work to improve our products and our footprint within the marine environment. As Recreational Fishers here at Newcastle Street Furniture we engaged the fishing community and asked what would they like to see changed regarding the Marine Environment.

The results found were minimising fishing line waste along with infrastructure improvements.

Lost and littered fishing line in recreational fishing is a very large environmental problem that impacts wildlife, marine waterways and conservation efforts. Our Tackle Recycling Bins are to be distributed out to all popular fishing spots to stop the impact of fishing line waste in the environment and to start the campaign to re-use and recycle this fishing line in our present and future products, so the waste would not be an option and sustainability will endeavour to be at a positive result.

100% recyclable campaign has integrated research and development to our product range and we will continue to support local communities and the sustainability of the marine environment.