Sustainability Range: Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic

It goes without saying how far recyclable materials have come in the last ten years. Thankfully, this has been made possible with the communities’ stance push and drive on renewable and sustainable materials.

Here at Newcastle Street Furniture, our focus is on adapting & implementing innovation to push the boundaries and develop new structures that will continue on with our very strong stance for environmental sustainability.

And as is unique with NSF, we use Australian companies to provide the materials, building a sustainable future for us and future generations.

APR are a supplier of ours for recycled plastic – wood plastic composite products.

We use these on our products such as bridges, furniture, bollards, shelters, signage, boardwalks, staircases, jetties and viewing platforms.

APR are market innovators who use the latest composite technology to produce a sustainable alternative to traditional materials from recycled and reclaimed materials.

We work with them to develop innovative products and recycling solutions that reduce waste, minimise any lifecycle impacts, and meet community aspirations for a sustainable future.

recycled plastic

recycled plastic

recycled plastic